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Link Building and Online PR are surefire ways to boost brand awareness, increase rankings on Google and gain authority in your field.

Especially for smaller brands, this can pave the way to online success. Work with our seo-focused Link Building Agency and see the benefits of our Link Building services and Online PR for yourself!

Link Building and Online PR are similar and in some aspects, they absolutely go hand-in-hand. If both SEO services and a PR marketing strategy are executed correctly, they can create a positive cycle for your company. As a Link Building company rankeffect offers the best working Link Building services. Try them out! 

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What are backlinks?

as a kind of vote for the website that is linked to. Having a high number of backlinks can get you a higher ranking in organic search results. However, it’s not just about quantity. Having a ton of low-quality backlinks might not get you anywhere and if done incorrectly, it can even look suspicious to the search engine, resulting in ranking penalties. High-quality backlinks on the other hand, e.g. from those with higher authority, indicate to Google and other search engines that your website is relevant and deserves a better ranking, too. 

How to get there? The easiest and most effective way to gain quality links and a good domain rating is by working with an full-service SEO Agency who specializes in just that.

rankeffect is an experienced Digital Marketing agency that specializes in SEO and Digital PR campaigns. Our professional in-house team knows all about search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, analytics and more.


What makes a good backlink?

Which websites you want to link to your own the most might depend on the type of business or field. However, quality backlinks can usually be defined by these traits:

  • Domain authority

If an authoritative website shares a link to your own, it’s worth more. Now, this is obviously hard to achieve, but it is worth it.

  • Related topic

The search engine will see a backlink as more relevant or more qualitative if both of the pages involved talk about related topics.

For example: If you write a blogpost about the importance of wearing sunscreen, a backlink to it from cosmetics companies or big health blogs will have a better effect than if it were from a completely unrelated page.

  • Uniqueness

If a website is nice enough to link to yours, you shouldn’t actually want them to do so again and again. A link is only really worth a lot the first time. Of course it’s possible to have websites repeatedly link to you, and there’s nothing bad about it, but it also won’t give you much more of a ranking advantage than the first time.

  • Technicalities

Your target keyword should be in the backlink’s anchor text and they should be dofollow links.

How important is the backlink as a ranking factor?

These links have always been a ranking factor to Google. It even formed its original algorithm. The best case of both a high number and high quality of links to your website convince the search engine of the value and credibility of your website, resulting in a higher ranking. This makes Link Building the most important off-page optimization factor in SEO. Our Link Building services use this to your advantage.

If you want more outreach, Link Building services are the way to go. We undertake natural and Google-compliant white-hat Link Building services for you.

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What is the process of Link Building Services?

Strategies like link exchange, link rental or even link purchase are implemented by many, and may even get them the results. But they are controversial, especially to Google itself. rankeffect offers you policy-compliant strategies with our Link Building services that boost your rankings without jeopardizing them by risking a penalty. This is how we do it:


Setting goals and discussing measures to implement

As a first step, we get together for a personal meeting with you (and, if need be, the webmaster) to talk about your medium and long-term goals, as well as the measures and the necessary budget.


Ensuring a clean link profile

As a digital PR agency, we know that a clean and well-planned backlink profile is essential. Within our Link Building services, we will conduct a link audit, where we look at your current link placement from past link building campaigns and track down any errors. We ensure that link targets are always up-to-date and remove dead links, whose link targets are no longer available. We then decide whether redirecting them to the correct target page or removing them altogether makes more sense.

In this link audit, as part of our Link Building Services, we do not only remove or redirect dead or broken links, but also those that are considered dubious and could potentially jeopardize your ranking.


Implementing suitable measures within our Link Building Services

We only follow white-hat tactics and strategies for our Link Building services. These include:

  • Creating high-quality content that generates organic Link Building
  • Linking to appropriate external webpages and their content
  • Linking internal on-page content
  • Creating an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed
  • Creating a blog site
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with external websites
  • Analysing links from your competitors, both in global and local search

These link-worthy tactics will then soon generate backlinks that other websites voluntarily place and ensure the necessary relevance to Google.


Market and competitor analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ websites is essential for results-driven, professional Link Building Services. Here, we determine which keywords placed them in Google’s top 10 rankings. This gives you an overview of their strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and risks this gives you. Here’s what it might reveal:

Strengths: Strong backlinks, Trust from Google

Weaknesses: No ranking for certain search terms, technical difficulties

Opportunities: Niche sectors that haven’t been covered yet

Risks: Google updates and changes to the SERPs, new competitors

What to avoid when Link Building

You should always avoid simply posting random links just somewhere on your website. Internal and external links must be integrated correctly into the website texts, placed appropriately and have a qualitative and topic-relevant anchor text or link text.

We avoid the following link types, as they are considered negative by Google and could lead to a ranking penalty:

  • Bulk links
  • Inferior blogs that are only used for backlinks
  • Links to dubious and spam websites

What is Online PR?

Online Public Relations, or Digital PR, is similar to Link Building, as it intends to up the authority of a website online. However, its main objective isn’t to generate backlinks in order to rank higher, but to build and improve a company’s image and reputation in order to be recognized and considered in a certain way by the target audience. With an Online PR agency, you work towards the goal of becoming the expert and thought leader within your field.

What role does an Online PR agency play?

Just like in traditional PR, digital PR campaigns conducted by an Online PR agency include the monitoring of and reaction to current trends and societal developments. Whenever something happens, it’s important to respond with relevant, individual and unique content and offers. This can be time-consuming and require lots of creativity and effort.

By creating high quality content, e.g. blog posts, social media posts, press statements, guest posts etc., you want others to view you as an absolute expert and have people naturally link to your website because of it. An Online PR agency can take over all these tasks and help you get more brand awareness, outreach and authority. We don’t sell you cheap Link building packages, but create custom Online PR strategies by including your current KPIs. 

Online PR agency services and Link Building services go hand-in-hand

A good Online Public Relations agency combines both PR measures and Link Building services in B2B and B2C for maximum results. 

  • Any good Link Building service leads to higher rankings, more visibility and traffic. But that doesn’t mean that your website’s visitors want to buy your products or services. However, it tells people about your website and ideally generates more conversions.
  • Online PR convinces people of what your website or business has to offer when they see it. Your content is of good quality and expertise, so media and other websites automatically want to use and link to it. That signals high relevancy to Google and boosts your ranking once more. This creates a positive cycle in the long run.

Ready to boost your visibilty, organic traffic and be the expert in your field with high quality links and top-notch content?

Become our client and tell us all about your company, your project and your plans in a free and non-binding initial consulting. We’d love to get to know you and discuss all options for an effective Link Building strategy and services in our SEO and Online PR firm!

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