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The good news: Pretty much any company can benefit from working with an SEO agency. Want to improve your website’s position in the SERPs but don’t have an in-house SEO team? No problem. Our professional SEO consultant team and SEO agency is happy to work with you.

SEO Consulting
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What is a SEO consulting agency?

SEO consulting essentially helps businesses improve their rankings on Google or other search engines.

It means outsourcing the assessment, the analysis of the status quo and development of a strategy to reach the objectives to an experienced, often local SEO company.

The primary goal of any SEO consulting agency is to help clients reach better positions in the SERPs – by increasing visibility, traffic, website performance, user experience and more.

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Innovative, dynamic, transparent, personal – Lena & Valentin will advise you on our individual marketing solutions.

How do you know if you need SEO consulting?

If you find that your online business isn’t doing too well, whether you work in E-Commerce or other areas, it might be time to look into SEO consulting.

Signs could be:

  • Your website doesn’t rank or only very low
  • You hardly drive any organic traffic to your website
  • Your online business lacks leads, inquiries, transactions etc.
  • Your website’s bounce rate is too high
  • You’ve been penalized by Google

By working with an SEO consultant, your company can get back on track and even gain a competitive edge in the SERPs, especially if you consider Google to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

What could be the causes?

Several off-site and on-site factors could be the reason for your website not giving you the results you want and need. SEO consulting will help you figure those out and find ideal solutions to fix them.

To just name a few possible reasons, the search engine can see that…

  • Your website isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Loading times are too long
  • Your website doesn’t appear trustworthy
  • Your content isn’t keyword optimized 

What are the advantages of individual SEO consulting?

1) It saves time:

SEO is a time-consuming effort. It is not a one-and-done thing. To really see success, it has to be a continuous process. You need to analyze the status quo and optimizing potential, create a strategy, optimize accordingly and update and repeat it all regularly. But that means a lot of work that is nearly impossible to do all by yourself. If you hand these tasks over to an expert SEO consulting agency and work with a consultant, it leaves you with more time to focus on your daily business and eventually on the SEO results.

2) It saves money:

Of course, this depends on your budget situation. But in any case, it saves you the cost of hiring an entire in-house SEO team. Working with a full-service agency can often times be the better investment.

3) You can benefit from the agency’s expertise:

You are an expert in your business. The SEO consulting agency’s business is SEO, and they are an expert in that. Finding the right agency for you means you can trust in their experience and know-how as well as their specializations in different SEO Services within the team.


Any international SEO consultant is sure to stay on top of all of Google’s ever-changing updates as well as current SEO trends, meaning you don’t have to – and you also don’t run the risk of ranking penalties should you miss any of Google’s rules and updates.

What is the process of SEO consulting?

Search engine optimization consulting (or website SEO consultant services) essentially consist of:

1. Assessing and clarifying your objectives and needs with an SEO marketing consultant or technical SEO consultant:

Before we really get started, we first want to talk to you about where you are right now and where you want to go, what you expect from us and what we would need in return to ensure the best possible outcome and a great cooperation.

2. Determining your budget:

What is possible and what is not? How can we achieve great results while not straining your budget?

3. Receiving an offer for a strategy:

It is important to define your objectives and come up with a strategy. Within our own SEO consulting services, we analyze you website (Website audits) and perform an SEO check. We give you an overview of what can be done, and if you want to start working on your website’s success with us, we will send you an offer for a strategy.

Everything from a single source

Innovative, dynamic, transparent, personal – Lena & Valentin will advise you on our individual marketing solutions.

What does good SEO consulting include?

SEO consulting agencies employ people who want to make a change in the world of Search Engine Optimization. They are experts in the field and bring experience and expertise to any cooperation with clients. And these clients benefit from the SEO consultant’s deep understanding of the algorithms any search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) uses. Depending on your business needs and objectives, your SEO consultant will create a suitable strategy with you. An SEO audit is typically done first and eventually develops into an SEO strategy, which can include:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Content strategy for creating new and improving existing content
  • Locate and fix technical website issues
  • Improve user experience (e.g. navigation, organization, design)
  • Distribution of content via social media, e-mail etc.
  • Local SEO and global SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Other marketing strategy

While the cost of SEO services can be fairly high, it is still a good idea to invest it in the expert services of a SEO agency. If it gives you tangible and sustainable results, it is well worth it.

Onpage and Offpage factors to be considered

SEO consulting can help you reach your goals

Handing the website optimization and search engine optimization over to an agency mainly saves you time and money, making the whole process more efficient on your end. The right SEO consultancy services can lead to tangible results:

  • Drive more traffic to your website, both with on-page and off-page SEO
  • Generate more valuable leads
  • Increase conversions and ultimately sales
  • Help visitors build trust in your website
  • Improve overall user experience

Want to improve your website to its full potential? We are happy to help.

rankeffect®  is an SEO agency specialized in improving online visibility and can be a valuable partner in professional search engine optimization. Try our SEO consultation and see the results for yourself!

Our services include:

  • Google Ads
  • SEO consulting & SEO audit services
  • SEO and content strategy
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Relaunch Consulting and much more

There are many SEO Consultant Jobs out there, but in order to achieve the best possible results, it is vital that you find your perfect SEO consulting match. Our SEO specialists develop a targeted SEO strategy and SEO campaigns together with our clients, which is designed to reach both regional and global SEO objectives, not just quickly but also long-term. We can help you raise organic traffic, build viable backlinks and use keyword and content optimization to sustainably improve your ranking in the search results. Our SEO specialists are data-driven and have a passion for tangible results, always using top-notch SEO tools for well-optimized websites.

  • Get new, qualified customer inquiries
  • Time is money. You know that and so do we. You take care of your core business and we’ll take care of your digital marketing.
  • Benefit from our experience and successful projects! We have been given several awards and certifications for our work as an SEO consulting company.

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