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Microsoft Ads Agency Munich – Advertising with the search engine Bing

Take advantage of the advertising opportunities on the second largest search engine in the world! As experts for Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), we offer you professional support for your ads and help you to generate more reach with your target group. We would be happy to advise you on this in an on-site appointment at our online marketing agency in Munich or virtually.

As part of a series of training courses and subsequent examinations, our Microsoft Ads agency has become your expert partner for Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads Partner since 2014). Thanks to our experience in the area of Google Ads, it is also possible to expand your marketing plan to include Microsoft Ads without any problems. This allows you to use the two strongest search engines worldwide at the same time.

In addition to many advantages that can also be found with other ads, Microsoft Ads offer some special features in the context of ad design. Here, it is possible to address potential customers even better by individualizing the ad texts to a much greater extent. Rely on our Microsoft Ads agency to take advantage of this benefit.

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What are Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft Ads were called Bing Ads until 2019 and are the equivalent of Google Ads. This is also a pay-per-click advertising platform. Users are shown the ads for matching search queries on Bing, Yahoo! and MSN. Just like with Google Ads, with Microsoft Advertising you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

And advertisements via Microsoft are worthwhile. According to the company, its market share of desktop searches in Germany is 24% and 433 million desktop searches on the German market are carried out via Microsoft (as of March 2023).

With our help as a Microsoft Ads agency, you can reach your target group on Microsoft and turn users into customers.

Your advantages when you rely on Microsoft Advertising:

  • You reach a new target group that does not want to use search engines such as Google.
  • Thanks to PPC (pay-per-click), you can advertise particularly cost-effectively.
  • Many large companies use Windows as their standard operating system, which is why Microsoft Advertising can also be very worthwhile in the B2B sector.

Our Microsoft Ads agency will be happy to help you if you would also like to benefit from these advantages.

Unsere Microsoft Ads Agentur erklärt: Microsoft Advertising Anzeigentypen

  • Text ads

Text ads are the most frequently used ad format. They consist of a heading, description and URL. Text ads are displayed on the search results pages of Bing, Yahoo! and other Microsoft partner websites.

  • Displays for app installation

These ads are similar to text ads. However, they also have a link that takes users directly to the store where they can download your app.

  • Target group ads

Target group ads are displayed to your ideal target group. Microsoft AI is used to identify which ads are highly relevant for certain users.

  • Dynamic search ads

Dynamic search ads automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website. You have the following advantages when using it: Addressed and relevant ads are created automatically, workload is reduced as there is no need to manage bids, for example, and lost sales opportunities can be identified.

  • Multimedia displays

Multimedia ads use large visual images to present your brand and products. This attracts the attention of potential customers.

  • Product ads

If you have an e-commerce store, product ads could be the right tool for your Microsoft Advertising. User-defined images from your product catalog are displayed here, together with advertising texts, prices and seller details.

  • Responsive search ads

Responsive search ads work as follows: Our Microsoft Ads agency provides up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions with relevant keywords. Microsoft Advertising combines these in such a way that they are optimally matched to the search of the respective user. It is also possible to create responsive search ads for specific industries (so-called industry ads), including the automotive industry or professional services such as doctors and insurance companies).

As a professional Microsoft Ads agency, we can identify which ad format is best suited for you and promises the greatest success with your target group.

You benefit from working with our Microsoft Ads agency

Detailed campaign tracking

The so-called universal event tracking enables our Microsoft Ads agency to track the following points, for example: View time per visitor, page views per visitor and target page viewed. This makes it possible to precisely analyze which Microsoft Ads are successful and which still require optimization.

Flexible billing

Unlike Google Ads, with Microsoft Ads you are not necessarily tied to a fixed monthly budget. Depending on the agreed campaign objectives, it is possible to pay in advance, monthly or when a defined threshold value is exceeded. Our Microsoft Ads agency will be happy to help you find out which option suits you best.

Call extensions

Our Microsoft Ads agency knows: Ads with a displayed and clickable phone number have an average of 10-15% more clicks. And since more clicks usually means more contacts and more new customers, you can achieve a significant increase in the success of your ads. When working with our Microsoft Ads agency, you also benefit from our extensive know-how in the field of Microsoft Advertising in many other aspects.

Case studies

We would be happy to show you case studies of successful customers in the area of Microsoft Ads in a personal meeting. Whether you want to reduce click costs, improve conversion rates or increase your brand awareness, our Microsoft Ads agency has the right reference.

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