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Google Tag Manager Agency 

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Are you looking for a Google Tag Manager agency, that will help you implement the tool correctly and collect your data cleanly and completely, so that you can finally benefit from all the gained information? Our experienced Google Tag Manager agency for businesses helps you with the perfect setup with Google Tag Manager (GTM) so that you can process all incoming data on your marketing channels way better than before.

Why is clean tracking essential according to our Google Tag Manager agency?

Clean data is the essence of increasing your performance. Only through them can you track the behavior of your users, uncover potential and implement improvements. Therefore clean tracking with GTM is important to get accurate data that enables effective digital marketing, protects your users’ privacy and at the same time makes tag management much more efficient. As a Google Tag Manager agency, we can provide you with comprehensive support in achieving all of these goals. With the help of professional web analysis and tracking, you can learn more about your visitors and optimize your website and campaigns.

Monitoring of your campaigns

Make your marketing campaigns more effective and measure their success with clean data. The Tag Manager by Google offers you the possibility to manage all your tracking and marketing tags on your website in one central place, a google marketing platform, and to have an overview of your analytics in real time.

With the support of our Google Tag Manager agency, you can easily track events and conversions on your website or in your app and understand exactly how your users interact with your content. You can see which campaigns bring in the most conversions or which landing pages perform best. Monitoring your campaigns with the GTM offers you a simple, but at the same time effective way of measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns and continuously optimizing them.

Recognizing online marketing potential

Clean tracking helps you to uncover the potential of your website or app. By implementing the GTM with the help of our Google Tag Manager agency, you can exploit the full potential of your online marketing activities. Thanks to correctly set Google tags and clean data, you can uncover and optimize weaknesses on your website. Without data, problems would remain hidden. Worse, it would be wrong data. Incorrectly set up tags can ultimately lead to incorrect insights and actions.

Optimize long-term performance

Properly set up tags ultimately ensure that you can fully exploit the uncovered potential on your website or in your apps in the long term. By constantly monitoring the behavior of your users, changes can be noticed directly. Our Google Tag Manager Agency helps you to set up your setup right from the start in such a way that you can go exactly this sustainable way of increasing performance.

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What is the Google Tag Manager and how does it help with tracking?

Google Tag Manager, or Google Tag Manager 360, is a free tag management system created by Google. It helps you to rapidly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments (tags) on your website and its mobile app and thus realizes clean tracking as explained above. The Tag Manager also ensures that codes are integrated in accordance with data protection regulations, which is very important when using Google Analytics, among other things.

The Tag Manager offers a way to integrate tracking tools without having to intervene in the source code. The Google Tag Manager code only has to be integrated once in the source code. Everything else can then be controlled via a user interface in the browser. However, the implementation must be clean so that tracking is really guaranteed and data protection concerns can be dispelled. Therefore a Google Tag Manager Agency is crucial. 

Tags are snippets of code or tracking pixels from third-party tools. These tags tell Google Tag Manager what to do. Examples of common tags within the Tag Manager are:

  • Google Analytics Universal tracking code or GA4 tracking code
  • Google Ads Remarketing code
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking code
  • Heatmap tracking code (Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc…)
  • Facebook pixels
  • Custom HTML scripts
  • Cookiebot and other GDPR data privacy scripts

Advantages of Google Tag Manager 

  • Faster Loading: Thanks to this tool, the website is displayed first before elements are reloaded. It may help your site load faster depending on how many tags you are using.
  • Time saving: Setting up, testing and playing out new tracking codes is simplified and thus saves time.
  • Flexibility: The functional logic of the tags is separated from the tracking code. This allows the tags to be edited without interfering with the code. Programming of the tracking is often no longer necessary.
  • Transparency: You can view and manage all tracking tags in one place. This enables you to track the activity of the codes.
  • Testing: The trackings can be checked before they are played out. This reduces the risk of errors within codes. Changes can also be made and tested immediately
  • Documentation: All changes made by the respective user or our Google Tag Manager agency are documented and can be traced.
  • User management: You can assign individual rights to edit the tracking code. This means that only certain people can make changes, so that safety and quality are guaranteed.
  • Non Google-binding:  It works with non-Google products.

What is the difference to Google Analytics?

Google’s Tag Manager and Analytics tool are completely different. GTM helps you implement and update tracking codes on your website. However, the tool does not record any user data layer. This is what Analytics does. By Implementing that tool you can generate user data such as number of users, session statistics, bounce rate and many more. You can also see browser and device information and the approximate geolocation. This way you can find out more about your target group and adjust SEO measures accordingly.

With the Google Tag Manager you can integrate the tracking code from Google Analytics and update it if necessary. If GTM is integrated into a website, this does not mean that Analytics is also automatically used. If you also want to use digital analytics you can also hire us as a Google Analytics Agency, which is also a professional field of ours.

Why do I need a Google Tag Manager Agency?

Since not all web designers have mastered the technical aspects, it makes sense to work with a Google Tag Manager agency.

For large companies and websites, the registry into a tag manager account and the tool integration is extremely complex and can take up to 40 hours. The integration must therefore be thought through step-by-step and planned very carefully in advance. Many agencies and web designers are not familiar with the GTM setup. Therefore our GTM Agency recommends you to hire us as an experienced, competent and professional partner. From the creation of your Google Tag Manager Account until the fully implementation, our Google Tag Manager agency is by your side and answering all the occurring questions. 

If you are already using the Tag Manager, we will check its correct implementation, so that everything runs smoothly and you do not have to deal with any problems. Trust our GTM Experts who implemented this tool on 100+ websites successfully.

Many of our customers not only book us as a Google Tag Manager agency. As a full-service agency we can combine the Google Tag Manager Implementation with SEA, conversion rate optimization or a new Webdesign in advance and thus you can benefit from more advantages. As an expert SEO agency in Munich, we can also help you to rank well, in order to gain more customers and sales. 

Get free and nonbinding Google Tag Manager consulting now!

Our Google Tag Manager experts take care of your project – regardless of whether it is a systematic relaunch or wild code that has accumulated over time has to be unwound first. In the end you have a clean tag management system based on Google Tag Manager, which you can use yourself or have our Google Tag Manager agency manage it. Then we focus entirely on you!

Do you want our Google Tag Manager agency to implement the tool or to test the current installation and examine potential problems? Call us now for a face-to-face meeting at our Google Tag Manager agency in Munich or have an easy video conference with your personal Google Tag Manager Consultant. You are free to choose.

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