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As a social media agency we are an agency specialized to help you with professional social media marketing, including social media platforms such as instagram, facebook or TikTok.


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How can a social media agency help you? 

Social media isn’t only profitable for influencers. In our digitalized world, social media is also an extremely profitable way to engage with your target audience and increase your conversion rate, if you have a company or even a small business. Why? Because it’s an easy and fast way to talk to the broad masses. Social media is a real-time platform. Solely in Germany over 40 million internet users have accounts on platforms like facebook, instagram or TikTok. That’s half the population of the whole country!

If you’re looking for a successful strategy to find new customers and to strengthen your brand, word-of-mouth marketing isn’t enough – social media is the way to go. 

Especially if you’re not trained in using social media for business purposes, it is a good idea, to hire a social media agency, that can take on your social media management and help you create top-performing social media campaigns. This way you don’t have to deal with social media marketing in-house. Because as a full-funnel social media marketing company, we know: a successful social media strategy includes way more, that only dropping a few posts a week or writing catchy Facebook Ads. The experienced employees of our social media agency will make sure, that your target audience will find your posts and ads all over their social media accounts. Let us help you with your social media management and your brand will grow sustainably. 

If you decide to work with rankeffect as your full-service social media agency, you can profit from the following benefits: 

  • Increasing level of awareness for your brand
  • Increasing traffic on your website
  • Customer acquisition
  • Increasing sales revenue
  • Strengthening your brand’s image
  • Full cost control and highly cost-effective way thanks to Pay-per-Click

Everything from a single source

Innovative, dynamic, transparent, personal – Lena & Valentin will advise you on our individual marketing solutions.

Why is rankeffect as your social media agency the right choice for you? 

As a social media agency, not only do we know what we are doing, social media management is also our passion! The employees of our agency are social media strategists and have up to 15 years of experience in online marketing and social media marketing. As an award-winning social media agency, you can expect high-quality social-first content, which is gonna achieve sustainable, long-term success for your business – no matter if you have a big company or a small business. 

First our social media marketing company will plan and implement a purposive strategy for your project. After that, we are able to measure the success of that strategy on social media. This way, we can identify potential weak points and optimize them. As a social media strategy agency, we are constantly improving our social media marketing, helping your business to long-term success. 

Since we are a full-service social media agency and offer end-to-end social media marketing services, there’s nothing you’ll have to worry about. Our social media experts take on the consultation, strategy development, conception of the campaign as well as the optimization and data evaluation. You can take care of your core business, while we take care of your social media marketing, for example as an Instagram Agency or as a Facebook Agency. 

The efficient way to work with social media

As a social media marketing agency we know, gaining new followers on your social media channels is not enough, to be successful. Since many of them are usually fake or not active, you have to expect high divergence losses. Therefore it is mandatory, to find customers on social media, who are actually willing to interact with your account and to buy your products. Social media marketing is not about reaching as many users as possible, but instead, about reaching the right target group. As a social media marketing agency, we’ll make sure of that!  The designs and captions we are going to create for your social media marketing, will speak to your target audience directly and convince them to visit  your website. 

Working with rankeffect as your social media agency – the process

1. Free and non-binding initial meeting

Before we actually start working together we would love to get to know you and your business. This way, we can find out about your requests and expectations and give you an insight on how our social media marketing agency could help you. An open and honest communication is very important to us. 

2. Analyzing your potentials

Before we can actually start planning a strategy for your social media campaign, we will take a closer look at your status quo. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Who is your target audience? Which social media channels are they typically using? This way, we can find out, if social media platforms like facebook and instagram are suitable for your project or if you may need the help of our LinkedIn Marketing Agency. 

3. Developing a purposive strategy and campaign

After we collected enough informations about your business and your website, we can start developing a social media marketing strategy. The experts of our social media agency will create appealing videos, pictures and captions for your ads (e.g. Facebook Ads). By using A/B-testing, we can identify which ads are best performing, which will help us optimize our social media marketing strategy and the social media services we provide you with. 

4. Campaign launch

Before we actually start launching the social media campaign, we obviously show you our work and wait for your approval. If you’re happy with the results of our social media services, it’ll go live. At this point, all you have to do is to wait for new customers. 

5. Monitoring and optimizing

We are constantly monitoring and analyzing your social media campaign via analytics (analytics is a high-quality tracking tool). This way, we find out potential weak spots in our social media marketing and social media advertising right away and are able to optimize them, which leads to on-going success. 

6. Feedback discussions

We’ll meet with you on a regular basis, showing you the results of your social media campaign and social media marketing and answering to your questions and potential requests for modification. Your goals are our goals! 

Social media agency – wanna know more? 

Are you interested in having a free and non-binding initial meeting with us, getting to know more about our social media management and social media marketing services? Or do you have any more questions regarding our agency, social media marketing or our SEO Agency Munich, that you’d like to have answered? Contact us now and we are happy to help you. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your business! 

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