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Instagram is one of the leading and fastest-growing social media platforms with over one billion active users. It seems like an ocean full of fish waiting to be cast out by your fishing-rod, which is made of professional and well targeted Instagram ads. Hire our full-service Instagram agency for creating, monitoring and regularly optimizing your ads, that make your business and income grow.

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Our Instagram management agency helps you:

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  • Generate leads

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Six Benefits from Ads by our Instagram Marketing Agency 

You don’t need Macro- or Micro-Influencers with IGTV content to have success on Instagram. Instagram ads generate an average click-through-rate (CTR) of 0.58%, which brings you more profit than any other ad platform now existing. Choose the in-house marketers of our Instagram agency and start benefiting. 

Expand your range

Our Instagram agency helps you expand your range radically and gain lots of traffic and potential customers. More and more users are making online purchases through Instagram. Over a third of all users have already ordered at least one product via Instagram ads. The chance that products advertised there will be sold is 70% higher than on other social networks. Don’t miss out on this advantage and hire our experienced Instagram marketing company in Munich. 

Controllable Costs via Pay-per-click 

Don’t literally throw money out the window without not knowing if your ads are performing well and achieving the intended goals. Like Google Ads, Instagram uses pay-per-click. This means you only pay predetermined amounts when your ad is actually clicked on by a user. Since many clicks on Instagram in particular also end in a conversion, the expenses in relation to the income are extremely low. This makes Instagram ads profitable and attractive also for small businesses. The experts at our Instagram advertising agency will be happy to explain this to you in more detail over a coffee at our office or in an online meeting.

Less annoying form of advertising 

Instagram ads are less likely to annoy your targeted audience, because the look integrates with the design of the average instagram stories and feedposts. Our experienced Instagram agency helps you create outstanding Ads that still suit your brand and integrate in your corporate design. 

Track your Instagram marketing performance 

You can easily track the performance of your ads in real-time via your instagram account and customize them according to the results to keep your performance on a constantly high level. Our Instagram agency will have close eyes on this. 

Valuable social targeting options are available

The advertisements can be switched according to the age, interests, usage behavior and location of the user. This is how you benefit from an accurate sales funnel to achieve more sales and avoid wastage. Our Instagram agency will help you and answer all your questions. 

Clear return on investment (ROI)

As an Instagram agency we can see what results were achieved at what cost and which social media ads bring the best revenue. In this way, ongoing campaigns can be optimized and the best sales achieved. You can advertise effectively on Instagram even with a very small budget.

Should you work with an experienced Instagram agency? If you can answer the questions with yes, then we are happy to help you out:

  • Do you want to reach people who don’t know your company yet?
  • Would you like to draw attention of people in your radius to you, your company or your service?
  • Would you like to outserve the creation and monitoring of your ads so you can fully concentrate on your work?
  • You don’t really know your target group and their needs and want to find out professionally?

Together with you, our Instagram agency will also find the right way to present your brand perfectly. Our portfolio includes the development of an intelligent strategy and the creation of an editorial team including topic and hashtag research, post design, analysis of user behavior as well as the design and implementation of targeted campaigns and promotions.

Ad Options, our Instagram Agency can realize 

You have a variety of creative options to choose from for your ads. Our Instagram ad agency only uses professional software to increase the efficiency of Instagram advertising and to create and place ads and measure their success. Rely on our high-quality content creation. 

Photo ads

These are feed images in the well-known Instagram look. In addition to the previously widespread 1:1 format, photo ads are also possible in portrait and landscape format. These advertisements are displayed to potential prospects between the other posts in the Instagram feed. These ads are particularly eye-catching thanks to their special design. Of course, our Instagram agency pays attention to a caption that arouses curiosity in order to encourage as many users as possible to click.

Story ads

Instagram ads can also be played out via stories and thus fit perfectly into the day to day user experience on this social media platform. The photos or videos appear while the user is viewing the stories of their family, friends and other subscribed accounts. Since the advertisements take up the whole screen here, they can hardly be overlooked and are fully and directly seen by the user. However, since the viewer can switch to the next story rapidly, the ad should be designed to be eye-catching and interesting from the first second. The experienced graphic and web designers of our Instagram agency in Munich take care of that.

Video ads

Here not only optical but also acoustic and moving elements affect the user and that with a length of up to 60 seconds. On average, videos perform better than photos because they attract more attention from the user and increase the dwell time. You have more leeway to encourage potential customers to visit the website. In production, however, video ads are a bit more complex than pure photo posts, which you should keep in mind. Have talk with our Instagram agency to find the best ad format for your campaign. 

Carousel ads

This type of ad also appears in the regular feed. However, this is not just a single image. Your potential customer can swipe and view up to ten images and/or videos. This offers more advantages, for example by dedicating an image to each customer benefit and thus convince the user about your product. 

Slideshow ads

These ads are quite similar to video ads in that they also appear as a video on the Instagram feed. However, slideshow ads consist of a series of still images that play as a video, similar to a slideshow. Our Instagram agency can add any text and audio to your slideshow ads to enhance the user experience.

Collection ads

Instagram collection ads are according to our Instagram agency a creative way to display products directly from your shop via a product data feed. The ad appears in the feed of potential prospects and then showcases four products under a main image or video that opens in full-screen mode as an Instant Experience (clean and engaging full-screen format for mobile devices) once a user clicks on the ad. The fast swiping creates a seamless flow of information. Properly designed by our Instagram agency, the user swipes from image to image, which significantly increases the viewing time of the ad compared to static ads.

Work with rankeffect as your Instagram Agency! 

Our data-driven and high-quality social media advertising services have been tested and proven by many companies to accelerate growth. We are also an experienced LinkedIn marketing agency and can help you with advertising on this platform additionally. As an Online Marketing Agency in Munich and SEO Agency in Munich we also have full know-how in terms of (international) SEO, Webdesign, Conversion Rate Optimization and more. 

Try it out and call our Instagram agency for a free and nonbinding first appointment. We would love to get to know you, your company, your target and your project! 

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