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Your benefits by working with our Facebook agency:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Win new customers
  • Increase sales
  • Flexible term and budgeting
  • Powerful remarketing
  • Accurate measurement of success
  • Good ROAS 

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with millions of active users in each european country and thus potential customers of yours! Especially for small businesses, facebook advertising is the right method to reach a large audience by a relatively small amount of money. But also large companies can thus save money that they can invest in their business and employees. With the help of our Facebook agency you too can place attractive and professional ads that appear unobtrusively in the newsfeed or in the stories of the users.

Everything from a single source

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Facebook advertising – 5 major benefits

Expand your range and brand awareness

So Facebook ads give you the perfect opportunity to reach the people most likely to find your content relevant and share it. As a result, your content becomes visible to even more users without investing more money in your ads.

Eye-catching and creative ad design

With Facebook ads you can attract new customers, draw attention to your product or increase your awareness. The best way to do this is with high-quality, visually appealing and creative ads, which are possible due to Facebook’s various advertising formats. And that is not to be taken for granted. Google Ads or classic banners for example cannot offer much room for visuals and creativity. But therein lies a great advantage of Facebook Ads that our Facebook agency will exploit for you. 

Controllable costs via pay-per-click

You don’t pay huge sums of money for Facebook Ads without knowing whether the ads had any positive impact on your brand. Ads on Facebook, as well as on Google and similar platforms, works with pay-per-click (PPC). This means that you only pay a fixed amount of money if your ad is actually clicked on by users. Since many views result in a conversion, the sums spent pay off in relation to the income. So it is probably the most cost-effective type of advertising. The experts at our Facebook marketing agency in Munich will help you plan a professional campaign and use your advertising budget efficiently.

The price of Facebook Ads is set in an internal auction system of the Meta Business Manager platform. You can also use this platform to manage your Instagram ads. Our Facebook agency is experienced with this Meta Business Manager tool and thus can manage it for you. 

No keyword research necessary

There is no need to deal with keywords and search intentions, because the ads are simply displayed to the appropriate users. Facebook’s machine learning pairs the right ad sets with the right users and also the daily budget. 

Adjustable ads from the very beginning

Our Facebook advertising agency can see all campaigns in the all-in-one Facebook’s Ads Manager tool and make adjustments at any time. First performance-based results are displayed in your ad account shortly after the start so our Facebook agency can start optimizing your ads directly after publication.

Types of Facebook Ads

With the following three types of Ads our Facebook agency can reach your target group:

Default ads

The most common form of Facebook advertising are standard ads that appear in your facebook feed. These consist of a meaningful photo or video and a short and crisp advertising message. By clicking on such a video or image ad, the user is forwarded directly to the associated landing page (similar to the feed ads in Instagram). This not only advertises products and services, but also Facebook pages or events. This format is the right one to place the most effective advertising possible on Facebook with little effort. Our Facebook agency can explain this ad format to you in more detail.

Story ads

Story ads are sponsored Facebook stories that appear as users swipe to the next while viewing stories, similar to Instagram. The fact that an actual ad appears is hardly noticeable since those ads fit perfectly into other stories concerning the design. 

Messenger ads

Of course, our Facebook advertising agency can also develop high-quality image and video ads for Facebook Messenger. This way you can reach users who are not often on the Facebook website or in the app, but only use the messaging service.

Choose rankeffect as your Facebook Ad Agency

  • Free and non-binding initial consultation
  • Data-driven and up-to-date concerning online marketing trends
  • Many years of experience in internet advertising
  • Regular and understandable reports
  • Full cost control through click-based billing
  • Continuous campaign optimization by our Facebook Agency

Our Facebook agency knows how to best reach users and run your project accordingly. Our goal is to advise our customers individually – we don’t have a blueprint for projects. We discuss all requirements with you and create a unique concept based on them. You receive all services from a single source, our in-house team. Our employees of our Online Marketing Agency Munich from the areas of Facebook advertising, social media marketing, Webdesign and online marketing work closely together to get the most out of your project.

Working with our Facebook Agency – Step-by-step to success


Developing a facebook strategy 

First of all, our Facebook company in Munich analyzes the content, design and functionality of your website, the products and services to be advertised and your competitors. We also get to the bottom of the question, ‘How do you impress your target group and what does the individual user want?’ Based on the results, we can design a targeted Facebook ad campaign so that you actually generate sales and inquiries. A well thought-out strategy is the essential backbone of a successful Facebook ad campaign.


Setting up the ads campaigns

The graphic designers and social media managers of our Facebook agency in Munich implement the planned strategy into tangible ads with experience and know-how. The ads created are placed taking into account the intended goals. We also set up tracking to measure ad performance, clicks and the resulting conversions.


Constant Testing & Optimization

Despite years of experience in this area, we know that every campaign always works a little differently. That’s why our Facebook ad agency in Munich regularly checks the performance of your ads. We integrate the lessons learned into the further optimization of the Facebook advertisements (e.g. adjustments to layout and wording, optimization of the targeting options, adjustment of the settings) in order to always exploit the full potential.


Regular reports

With our Facebook agency you always have an eye on the performance of your Facebook ads. We make our services transparent for you by presenting you with regular reports on our work and the success of your campaign. If you have any questions about the reporting results, you are welcome to call us at any time or arrange a personal meeting.

Start your campaign now with our Facebook Agency!

Contact our Facebook agency for a free and nonbinding consultation, asking all your questions, so you can see if your expectations can get fulfilled, how the cooperation with our ad agency looks like and how you can benefit from an individual strategy. Our Facebook Ad Company is looking forward to getting to know you and your business and help you with succeeding ads. 

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