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Increase your conversions and sales with effective email marketing. Our Email Marketing Agency would love to help you with that. As digital natives and experts in digital marketing we are looking forward to your project. 

E-Mail Marketing Agency
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Email marketing with the help of a professional Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing, where the target audience gets advertisements or notifications via email. Basis of this way of marketing is of course the email address of potential customers and their consent to get emails sent by your company, for example in form of a newsletter or notifications about new products, services and so on. 

Marketing campaigns, which include email marketing are known to be quite effective. Why is that? It’s a relatively cheap way of marketing, since it helps to increase conversions without being very expensive. Therefore the expenses in relation to the income are extremely low. 

Also our email marketing strategies are quite results-driven. Thanks to performance marketing, our Email Marketing Agency can measure the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like click rates or bounce rates, to see how the email recipients respond to the email marketing campaigns. This helps our Email Marketing Agency to constantly optimize and improve the email campaigns to help you with more conversions. rankeffect is working conversion-driven and is therefore the perfect partner to help you get more inquiries and increase sales. 

The email marketing services of our Email Marketing Agency

  • Developing strategies and email campaigns
  • Email list building
  • Constant measuring and optimizing of your email marketing campaigns
  • Using your corporate-identity-design, your requested content and professionalising the email deliverability
  • GDPR-compliant

Everything from a single source

Innovative, dynamic, transparent, personal – our Managing Director Julian and his team will be happy to advise you on our individual solutions.


Your Advantages

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Getting new customers
  • Increasing your company’s sales
  • Aiming email campaigns directly to your target group
  • Exact measurements of success thanks to performance marketing
  • Full-service Email Marketing Agency: everything you need out of one hand

Is e-mail marketing dead?

Our Email Marketing Agency is able to answer this questions with one word: No. Professional Email Marketing Agencies know that email marketing is one of the most effective and successful forms of digital marketing there is. 

Do you need proof?

  • 79,5 percent of germans are active online
  • 97 percent of online active people are using email, three quarters of them daily
  • 52 percent read newsletters
  • 42 percent state that advertising mail has drawn their attention to interesting shops, products or services before
  • With 86 percent of users email is the second most used online service, right after search engines

Too many percentages? Then let’s talk money. The ROI (Return of investment) is a performance measure to evaluate the efficiency of an investment, such as advertising. It divides the net profit (or loss) from an investment by its costs.

  • TV: 6,62 euro
  • Newspapers: 12,26 euro
  • Banners: 14,57 euro
  • Search engines: 20,45 euro (as you can see, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is very effective, too. Are you interested? As a SEA Agency, we are looking forward to support you with that as well.) 
  • Email marketing: 38,08 euro

These numbers are the reason why our Email Marketing Agency is attaching great value to email marketing – and why you can really profit from our email marketing services as a E-mail Marketing Services Agency.

How do we work as an Email Marketing Agency? 

As a professional Email Marketing Agency we always keep a close eye on your target audience and give them exactly what they want. Because top Email Marketing Agencies know: Quality before quantity. Instead of sending the same email with the exact same content to every contact in the mailing list, we make sure to precisely analyse your target audience and find the best way of communicating with them. This way we can guarantee that the campaigns our Email Marketing Agency is developing are actually promising. 

As an Email Marketing Agency for E-Commerce we also know that there is a difference in writing emails to B2C customers and B2B customers. For example in B2B it is much more important to send informative content and newsletters instead of pure advertisement to be successful. Our Email Marketing Agency is taking the needs of your target audience into account to make sure that the emails are actually appealing to them. 

Email Marketing Agency – Pricing

Since every project is different, we cannot give you an exact cost overview without talking and getting to know you and your company first. But our Email Marketing Agency has a very open price policy, since we are paid by hourly rate. So you will know the exact costs of our marketing services before we actually start working for you – there will be no bad surprises in the end. 

rankeffect – Your Email Marketing Agency

Not only are we the perfect choice if you are looking for a Email Marketing Agency, as a full-service Digital Marketing Agency we are more than happy to help you with any online marketing services you might need. From SEO Audit, Web design and content marketing to successful email marketing, with rankeffect you’ll get all of that from one source. 

Do you want to know more? Contact us now. We would love to meet you in a free and non-binding initial meeting, where you can tell us all about your project and ask any open questions. We are looking forward to getting to know you! 

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